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Baoding YingTeSheng (YTS) Bristle and Brush Making Co., Ltd is one of the leading traditional bristle and brush manufacturers located in Baoding ,which is a hub in Beijing,Tianjing and Hebei Province.
Our company has our own experienced product development and professional teams with product quality inspection,training and logistics distribution departments, and solid financial strength and professional production ability.
Our company inherit the traditional process of making bristle & brush, after many years of practice,we set up a complete stringent system of quality controlling management, which ensures the products admirable quality. We are tested by Intertek to the request of Walmart to get the WCA and SQP certificate.
The motto of our company has been always the same, that is: the quality is our lifeline, the credit is our principle. Through the time our partners around the world have recognized our efforts. We are looking forward to cooperating and developing together with you.

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