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Discussion and spring brush roller brush range

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Brush roll give full play the role of light and heavy strip galvanizing, pickling, coating and other production lines. The steel brush roll production process are spiral wound, internal welding assembly, screw type engaging piece brush assembled. Generally use 0.5 nylon wire brush or abrasive nylon filament song song filament diameter. On the life cycle in terms of nip roller brush type dominates, which is from a single piece brush sets, keys, brush roll shafts, end plates for the whole brush roll assembly forms. Nylon bristle brush made of monolithic units, the chip set combination brush and brush nip roller shaft after the fixation by the key and the end plates at both ends of the outer circumference of the nylon bristles whole turning.
It has a simple structure, reasonable design, long service life can be increased on the effective length of the brush roller shaft brush chip sets installed base of about 10%, and thus capable of filling high density of bristles, improving cleaning quality. After the whole assembly of nylon brush roller brush roller cylindrical grinding to improve the overall trimming brush roller balance extend the life cycle. Spring brush for glass machinery, textile machinery, iron and steel industry, automotive, pharmaceutical machinery, electronics, packaging machinery, printing machinery, household appliances, doors, windows, furniture, tobacco machinery, food machinery, beverages, fruits, vegetables, environmental sanitation, and other industry products, cleaning, dusting, polishing, sealed, water and temperature strip conveyance.
 Brush spring widely applied to: LCD industry, LCD glass substrate cleaning brush roller springs, disc brush PCB industry: PCB cleaning brush spring rolls, strip brush, brush and disc brush roll.

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