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Industrial brush is applied a lot more automation equipment

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Soft brush to solve home decoration doors conservation issues, do the following:
1, the screens can be removed if it is clean of course, is the most thorough, most clean. But if the demolition is not down, you do not have worry about, as long as you have a home vacuum cleaner, like problem solved.
2, the specific methods of operation: first unfolded newspaper, tiled screens affixed to the inside edge with a clear plastic in place. Then with a vacuum cleaner has a brush tip, close to the screens of external vacuum, suction clean after the newspaper posted on the other side to win, the same procedure once again.
3, after preparing two stained cleaner wet towel, wipe the screens within a surface, a wipe out screens, synchronized screens tucked wipe. After Then again, the towels washed with water, repeat the previous action. Then again, the original is full of dust, mud screens, become clean and bright, right? Not only that, it will not do a room full of dust.
Soft brush brushed drifting avoid exposure
In people advocating natural, environmentally conscious today, fresh and natural rattan furniture has a new look, once again come to the forefront of home fashion. The heat of summer, rattan furniture like a touch of cool breeze, make you feel cool, but it is also fragile, especially the quality of care you need care.
Vine grows in tropical rainforest, its stem covered with duct Thus nature soft, thick, hard rind and have strong character, its essence is just the soft. Thick long, shapely without variegated high-quality rattan, rattan inferior fine, small toughness, low tensile strength and easily broken. Rattan rod firmly rubbing surfaces, pay particular attention to the section bit part if there is rough or uneven feeling.
With proper care, rattan furniture can be at least several decades. Placed rattan furniture, it is best not in the sun exposure, so it is easy to make rattan furniture materials dry, brittle, affecting the life of the furniture itself. Usually wipe clean with a damp cloth. For surface Tibet gray areas, use a soft brush from the inside out first drifting flick. After a period of use, wipe with a light salt rattan, not only decontamination, but also make a lasting flexibility, there is a certain anti-moth effect.

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