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White bristle, bleached mane, imitation badger mane widely used in various industries

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White bristle, bleached mane, imitation badger mane widely used in various industries:
1, cold rolled and galvanized steel / tin plate processing before and after the metal surface finishing
2, after machining deburring and chamfering
3, refrigerator compressor / finishing process air-conditioning compressor parts
4, copper / aluminum coil surface finishing
5, electronic circuit boards and decontamination polishing copper pressure
6, auto gear machining surface grinding / deburring plating and engine parts before painting
7, the casting surface grinding, hole / Related hole deburring
8, military weapons cleaning
9, wood / plywood surface finishing / complex furniture wood grain processing object protruding / convex surface grinding jobs
10, hydraulic cylinder barrel surface of the terminal surface finish
11, mirror-polished glass products
12, sanitation job: ground-cleaning
YONG TAI SHING BRISTLE AND BRUSH MAKING CO.,LTD specializing in the production of unbleached white bristle, bleached mane, imitation badger bristles!

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